Attention! This Book Will Make You Money

Jim Kukral's new book, Attention! This Book Will Make You Money: How to Use Attention-Getting Online Marketing to Increase Your Revenue (Amazon aff link), has the content to back up a bold title. In Attention!, Jim provides a ton of actionable examples that self-employed folks like you can use to get generate more attention for your business. Many of the people I speak with built their business on word of mouth marketing. The first step is get those raving fans that will spread the good word … [Read more...]

How To Maintain Sanity When You Have Many Passions

Until I read The Renaissance Soul: Life Design for People with Too Many Passions to Pick Just One by Margaret Lobenstein (Amazon aff link), I used to think I was crazy. Everyone would tell me that I had to get really good at one thing and stick with it forever. That's never worked for me, and now I know why. Prefer audio? Here ya go! … [Read more...]

How Do You Sell Your Product Or Service?

Once you know and understand what it is you're selling, you need to figure out how best to sell it. Now this topic will go way beyond this initial post, however let's get some solid ideas in place for where you can start. As typical, there's a book recommendation here. And the book is... Different: Escaping the Competitive Herd, by Youngme Moon (Amazon affiliate link). Different talks about how to stand out in a crowded marketplace, and unless the product or service you are offering is … [Read more...]

Learning To Accept Change

Making the move to become a freelancer can be scary. Any change can be scary. Knowing the elements of a successful change though, can make it much easier. Enter this book: Switch, by Chip and Dan Heath, the same gents that wrote Made to Stick (Amazon affiliate links). Switch is a book about making change easier using a simple framework that boils down to three techniques: directing the rider (the analytical side of you), motivating the elephant (the larger, emotional side), and shaping … [Read more...]