The Difference Between Online Marketing And Internet Marketing

Over the coming weeks and months you’re going to see a variety of content here in addition to the interviews. Based on the feedback from everyone on my email lists I’ll be providing information on marketing online applications, idea generation, project management, project portfolio management, and much more. Of course I’m also going to continue talking about marketing.

I talk a lot about marketing because it is the way that freelancers get business. The better you get at it, and the easier you can make it on yourself, the steadier your business becomes.

I have a select few clients I am helping with their marketing efforts, along with setting up an online media strategy for consultants and coaches serious about getting more business. I personally feel that an all out massive action strategy is the best way to get more customers, and that means using a combination of content marketing, social media, in-person networking, and online marketing techniques.

Sometimes when I say “online marketing” people ask me if I mean Internet marketing. After all, aren’t we marketing on the Internet? This is where I have to explain the difference between the two.

I’ve railed against Internet marketing before, but the fact of the matter is that a lot of the techniques that Internet marketers use – writing awesome headlines, search engine optimization, email marketing, affiliate marketing – should be used by anyone serious about using the Internet to get more clients.

There’s just one big difference and I want to make this very clear.

No consultant worth their salt has to put earnings disclaimers on their sites. They are not promising certain monetary returns for using the techniques they suggest. After all, if you buy their product or service, how can they guarantee that people even want what you’re selling, or will pay the price you put it at? They can’t, and don’t.

But many shady Internet marketers will tell you these exact things. I’m on a ton of lists and get emails daily with promises of making money in the thousands or tens of thousands within weeks or months of using people’s techniques. I’ve been told by others that the bigger players are promising multi-million dollar payouts. But anyone that reads the Salty Droid will know that those claims are flat out not true.

So here’s what it comes down to.

The marketing techniques that I promote here, and will be teaching in my upcoming product launches, are not going to promise you specific monetary payoffs. That’s a bunch of crap, and what I would term shady Internet marketing.

What I will promise is that I will show you how you can greatly improve what you’re doing, how you can make your marketing and sales much easier on yourself, how you can build a sustainable and reputable business, and how you can implement the Internet marketing techniques that work, and do it in a non-shady way.

I look forward to working with you in the coming months, and helping you get to where you really want to be.