Time To Get Serious About SEO

Serious CatIf you aren’t serious about SEO it’s time to get there. But with all the information scattered about, how do you know what really works?

I’ll tell you.

Here at Life Of The Freelancer I’m helping the freelancer – the single-person operations where you are doing all or almost all the work.

I also have another site where I help people that run multiple business simultaneously – the Itinerant Entrepreneur’s Journal, or IEJ for short (too much typing).

Sometimes what I write on both sites overlaps. This is one of those times.

I’m about to launch a 3-part series on SEO – the exact same strategy that I use here at LOTF and on the IEJ, and am now helping clients with. This is going to be very hard core and the most up to date information I have on SEO. And I know from my research of other sites using this that, given some time, it works very, very well.

For more details on how you can get access to this free SEO course, check out the latest post on the IEJ and find out how to really do blog SEO.

See you there.