All You Want Is Interviews. Is That Right?

The SwamiOver the past few weeks I’ve been re-evaluating the direction I’m taking with Life Of The Freelancer. iTunes subscriber numbers continue to climb, visitors to the site remains steady, however interaction like comments along with sales is at 0. So it leaves me wondering why this is.

With my crystal ball being broken I really need your help.

Please fill out my two question survey below to help me figure out where to take this. I started the site not for me but to help freelancers in their businesses. I must be doing that to some degree with the interviews, however if there’s nothing more you want then frankly there’s no reason for me to do anything with the site past that.

But perhaps I’m wrong. Am I?

Please let me know by filling out my two question survey below.



  1. jack nimble says:

    I love your site. You are correct, the interviews are great.

    Freelancers are probably tough to sell to because I hear programmers are notorious for being cheap.

    I would like to see a strategy on pricing; also on how to outmaneuver the guys from India and Russia who are selling their services at 15 bucks an hour.

    Another idea is to post freelance opportunities, similar to sites like eLance, since you are drawing freelancers anyway.

    Click-through adds to freelance books could be helpful.

    Thanks, you are the greatest!

    • Thanks Jack I’m glad you’re happy here. And being a programmer (in a past life) I know how that goes 🙂

      Pricing strategy is a great topic and one I can talk to, along with outmaneuvering the overseas guys (sorry guys gotta help my peeps).

      I have thought about putting up a job board too, and might go that route as well.

      Thanks for all the ideas.

      • jack nimble says:


        A couple of other thoughts. Testimonials might be helpful for your workshops. Get some of your ex-participants to comment, or hold a few free ones and get them to participate.

        Another idea is of course more click-through adds.Or perhaps click-through deals with elance, etc.

        Finally, maybe a combination of an eBook on on how to set up your freelance business and a CD containing those great interviews sold as a package for $50-$200 bucks. Get a bunch of testimonials on it. You could test market it according with some idea on “The 4 Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferris, whose lifestyle I aspire to. I think you have a great site here and you should be able to reap some monetary rewards.

  2. I think that many people need help with their business, learning how to grow it, where to go and get work, how to go about turning a contact into a referral, how to get more referrals, how to go from a business card to a new client, how to deal with isolation of working by yourself and for yourself, support systems, etc.

    I think the topics are endless. What might be great is for you to enlist more questions like your survey and weigh in on the tough conversations that bring up controversy. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog postings, I haven’t commented before, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not getting something out of it.

    You might also consider looking at some of the top blogs out there and what they are doing to create massive chat. The Sartorialist is one of my favorites and even though it’s about fashion, it’s the idea that an image can stir up tons of daily excitement and commentary.

    I hope you don’t give up! But if you do, at least you gave it your all.

    • Hi Julie – you bring up great points and I thank you for your comment. The survey is getting many responses which is indeed helping. As for comments many times people just don’t jump in, so it’s hard to tell if they are indeed getting something out of it. I’m glad to hear that you are.

      I have a few blogs going and testing things on each, and I’ll be sure to visit the Sartorialist and see how they do it.

      Thanks for the great ideas.

  3. Robert,

    First and foremost, you’re doing a great job for the freelancing community, no doubt about that. Interviews are great, agreed. I think the site appeals a lot to new-freelancers, since it’s very rich in that domain.

    One aspect of the free lancing world that’s constantly changing is the tools available for us out there – everything from:
    Project/Task Management,
    Version Control,
    both of these integrated into one,
    Design tools (to assist us programmers-horrible-at-design),
    Invoicing and time management tools, etc.

    So it’s an area you could continually talk/blog/advertise: Freelancing Tools.


    • Thanks for leaving a comment Freddy much appreciated. I have thought about adding posts like that and with your comment I will definitely speak more to it. Thanks again!