Can Lawyers Social Media? Yes They Can – With Ben Wright

Ben WrightAttorney Benjamin Wright is the author of technology law books, including The Law of Electronic Commerce (Aspen Publishers) and Business Law and Computer Security (SANS). A featured speaker at industry conferences and professional meetings, Wright teaches e-discovery, data security and cyber investigations law at the SANS Institute. Mr. Wright advises clients on digital law and forensic investigations. He is a pioneer in the promotion of public relations to address Internet legal issues and crises.

I was introduced to Ben through a HARO request and had a great time talking with him. He has a lot to offer. Who says attorneys can’t use social media? Ben can and does like a pro.

Watch this interview with Ben and then learn moe about him and his services on his blog – Electronic Data Records Law.

Quick note about the audio – my audio on the video is very low, but Ben’s is perfect. His answers and lessons are what counts so you’re covered there. However thanks to the editing powers of Audacity the volume on the audio only version (below) is consistent.

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Take a listen if you prefer….