Agent For Award Winning Music Stars – with John Ullman

John UllmanJohn Ullman has a story that you have to hear to believe. He was a freelance agent for award-winning music stars including Queen Ida and her Zydeco Band, and many others. In his career, he has worked with a half dozen Grammy Awardees, about a dozen Grammy Nominees, and two dozen recipients of  the National Endowment of the Arts Heritage Fellowship award. In the  process he and his wife Irene Namkung have had a great time and made a comfortable living.

In this interview with John he tells how he got into the music business, and how he landed huge award-winning music stars as clients. His story is a true inspiration and one I am very excited and happy to share with you.

My apologies on the audio on this video. My testing of a new microphone continued. For the video version you can hear John clearly and me barely – but I’m sure that’s allright with you. The audio version has much better audio.

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And here’s the audio: