Top 10 Freelance Posts And Podcasts Of 2010

Top 10Since my first post on July 22, 2010 – Welcome To Your Freelance Lifestyle – I have published 147 posts and podcasts, which include interviews and other goodies. And there is no stopping!

So let’s take a quick look and see what posts and podcasts got the most views this year.

For these stats I’m digging into my Google Analytics account, VideoPress stats, and Blubrry stats. I’ve got many more stats but these are the ones I’ll use for this. My math skills are horrible, so rather than combining all of the stats into some freaking cool algorithm I’m going to simply rank them on pageviews. If you do math and can help, please let me know.

Now, on to the list! Let’s start at the bottom.

Number 10 – The Big Secret To Self Employment Success? Networking

The title tells it all. Not much else to say.

  • Total pageviews – 215
  • Unique pageviews – 200
  • Postrank – 6.7

Number 9 – Work-Life Balance For Freelancers Is A Myth

As you (may) know I personally feel that work-life balance isn’t applicable when it’s all a part of you and what you do. A number of folks agree. Do you? Weigh in on the post.

  • Total pageviews – 237
  • Unique pageviews – 217
  • Postrank – 8.1
  • Video views – 24
  • Audio listens – 207

Number 8 – Interview with Veteran Freelancer Matt Walker

Matt has an excellent story. He’s been freelancing for years while working a full-time job, and supporting a large family. Matt’s story is truly inspiring, and he’s a really cool dude.

  • Total pageviews – 246
  • Unique pageviews – 241
  • Postrank – 7.0
  • Video views – 118
  • Audio listens – 142

Number 7 – Get Started By Getting Your Finances In Order

This was an excellent guest post by Kara McGuire who writes on the topic of personal finance.

  • Total pageviews – 257
  • Unique pageviews – 237
  • Postrank – 6.8

Number 6 – Crucial Steps To Starting Your Own Business

When people start there are some steps they should not miss – these are they.

  • Total pageviews – 323
  • Unique pageviews – 282
  • Postrank – 5.3

Number 5 – Entrepreneurship Is Not About Failure

Link bait? Perhaps. But aren’t you tired of hearing all the fail talk when it comes to entrepreneurship? I failed more than a few times and it sucked. So now there are just lessons. Some are more expensive than others.

  • Total pageviews – 336
  • Unique pageviews – 291
  • Postrank – 6.1
  • Audio listens – 167

Number 4 – Interview With Chris Brogan

I am surprised that this wasn’t higher on the list, as Chris Brogan is a powerhouse and a big name, at least in my circles (and obviously not necessarily in yours). Either way if you don’t know who Chris is listen to the interviews and you’ll see why I’m a fan.

  • Total pageviews – 458
  • Unique pageviews – 379
  • Postrank – 9.6
  • Video views – 126
  • Audio listens – 160

Number 3 – 22 Reasons To Incorporate Your Freelance Business

People love lists posts and this one was provided by 22 of the great people I’ve interviewed for the site.

  • Total pageviews – 693
  • Unique pageviews – 509
  • Postrank – 9.3

Number 2 – Service Contract: Save Yourself $1000 And Have Mine

Everyone loves something free, especially when it’s useful. A lot of the contracts out there are crap, so I offered the one I use at my web development firm, Atlantic Dominion Solutions. Let’s see the stats on this one.

  • Total pageviews – 1,306
  • Unique pageviews – 1,218
  • Postrank – 9.0

Number 1 – Interview with Tech Consultant, Curator, and Writer Patrick Rhone

I gotta give credit to Patrick for the traffic on this one. When he told me he could pull some traffic he wasn’t kidding. Let’s check the stats:

  • Total pageviews – 1,319
  • Unique pageviews – 1,229
  • Postrank – 7.8
  • Video views – 326
  • Audio listens – 262

Your Thoughts?

Any thoughts on why these rank as they do? If you really want to bake your noodle consider that while some posts didn’t get a large number of views, they have a very large Postrank score, meaning they were shared to multiple social media channels.

So what does this tell you? Let me know in the comments and we can compare analysis. Yes, I’m a dork, but it’s cool.