Tuesday, December 1

Five Common Problems with Garage Doors

The garage doors you’ve had installed may be of the highest quality but they aren’t invincible. Like many of the things in this world, they can get damaged then you’ll have to get an expert to repair them.

The good news is that it’s possible to keep them in excellent condition for as long as possible. You just need to watch out for the following issues:

Misaligned track

When you look at their mechanical design, garage doors are like trains where they need to be on a set path so they can move down and up. Getting derailed per se could result in a disaster, like having the door crash onto your vehicle. It’s inevitable for the track to get some wear and tear over time though. You just have to make sure that you don’t speed up the process by getting it realigned.

Broken springs

Typically, garage door openers are outfitted with springs that perform the heavy lifting. The problem is that they have a maximum limit for open-close cycles before they break down. Once they go out, your insulated garage doors may not open properly—if at all. So, don’t open the doors more often than you should and check the springs every now and then for any problems.

Damaged cables

garage doors

You’d be surprised at how heavy sectional garage doors actually are. They may look light but that’s only because of the tension mechanics behind its operation. This system allows the door to glide smoothly and safely. Should you notice any issues with the wire ropes, have them replaced as a pair as soon as possible to prevent any accidents. You may need an expert to install the cables though.

Worn rollers

Many of the lower-end garage doors have substandard rollers. It’s best to swap them out with premium versions so they will run a lot more gracefully for years to come. Doing this will result in less drag as the door moves up and down. Meanwhile, this means that the machinery won’t be fighting against itself so it’s guaranteed to be in better condition for a long time.

Busted hinges

It’s rare for hinges to break down as they’re more likely to just become noisy. This is a sign that you need to apply some oil. It’s more common for sheaves and bearings to get damaged over time since these are moving parts. Without proper lubrication, consistent metal contact can cut through the cables and shafts. This can lead to your automatic garage door falling (hopefully not on anyone).

Of course, there are many other things that could cause you to contact a specialist for garage door repairs. One of these could be a burglar trying to pry them open to have access to your vehicle or home.

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