Set Yourself Up For Continuous Productivity

You ever have a great idea for a blog post, forget to write it down, and then completely forget it? Ever do that same thing with to do items for clients?

Usually after this happens we end up beating ourselves up for not writing it down, which is one sure way to sap productivity. So how can we maintain our forward momentum, even while handling all the other things in our lives?

Let’s take a look.

The Lingering Effects of the 9-to-5 Mentality

A growing number of people are becoming freelancers right out of college. Some bypass college all together due to their mad skills. But many have some from the 9-to-5 corporate world after years of being told that the very linear path of School -> Work -> Retirement was the way to become “successful” in life. Experienced freelancers know this isn’t true, but that doesn’t mean that mentality can’t seep in nefariously.

Here’s what I mean.

Do you have set times in which you work? Once you go outside of those hours does work stop? Or do you flow from activity to activity regardless of type – business, personal, others?

If the former, you are limiting yourself and what you can do. It’s not your fault though, it’s a 9-to-5 mentality that is hard to get away from.

So how can we get out of it and be even more productive, without necessarily working more?

Here’s one idea.

Tools Of Productivity

Wherever I go I have two things with me: my iPhone and my sketch book. On my iPhone I have Evernote and Things installed. When your mind relaxes it starts connecting dots for you. So if I’m at dinner and have an idea for a blog post pop into my mind, I pull out the iPhone and make a voice note. If the thoughts continue to flow, I might quickly mind map out something in the sketch book. If something requires action I put a to do into Things.

Regardless, I get it out of my head and into written form. I then go back to doing whatever I was doing, such as having dinner.

When I get home I can sync up Things and Evernote with my Mac, and get to work.

Something that took a few minutes at dinner could end up as a new product or service, or at a minimum a better ad or blog post.

Having the tools at your disposal that help you to do a quick bit of work can be mean the difference between taking advantage of an opportunity, or watching it pass you by.